Over 50 years ago, Maskell was a pioneer in the use of plastics and fibreglass for engineering applications in New Zealand. Today the company continues to be a market leader in the use of fibreglass for containment and handling of corrosive liquids and gases.

In order to provide high performance, cost competitive solutions to the diverse needs of industry, Maskell draws upon international expertise where required, which complements our internal skills and proven experience.
The result is a unique organisation - one capable of the design, production, supply and installation of equipment which handles corrosive and polluting materials for the needs of industry today, and into the future.

maskell factory"When we established Maskell back in 1968, it was clear that industry’s demand for high performance, non-metallic equipment was not being met. For this reason we sought and established technology agreements with leading international organisations in this and allied fields. We now have licence and marketing agreements with numerous overseas companies, all highly successful in their particular fields. They have all contributed greatly over the years to our capabilities and on-going success."

Chairman/Founder David Craig.

Maskell is very proud of the quality and engineering of their products, and take equal pride in the results they have achieved with clients.
The company looks forward to the challenges of the future - as the acceptance of glass reinforced products to engineering continues through industry government and local body organisations alike.

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