Auckland WasteWater Treatment Plant

Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reticulation

The Auckland wastewater treatment plantFibreglass pipe is used extensively in water and wastewater treatment plants and reticulation systems for corrosion resistance. Its high strength to weight, ease of fabrication and support, and excellent flow characteristics allow low cost upgrading of existing plants and maximum economy on new installations.
Maskell provide fibreglass packaged wastewater pump stations and detention tanks for wastewater reticulation systems where corrosion resistance and longevity is paramount with aggressive hydrogen sulphide present.
Manholes manufactured with FRP provide longevity in aggressive ground and wastewater environments and are engineered for deep burial up to 25m depths.

Pulp and Paper Mill, Kawerau, New Zealand.

Pulp and Paper Industry

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics play a major role in handling the highly corrosive materials used in the preparation and handling of bleaching materials and the bleaching of pulp.

Use in other services has expanded from this. FRP is widely used in air cleaning equipment in pulp processing. These systems offer lower first cost, improved corrosion resistance and ease of installation.

Anchor Products Lichfield, Putaruru. New Zealand.Primary Food Processing Industries

Factories are all extensive users of corrosion resistant equipment provided by Maskell. These include:

Factories are all extensive users of corrosion resistant equipment provided by Maskell. These include:

  • Flumes for flow measurement.
  • Wastewater piping systems.
  • Tanks for hot water storage.
  • Complete odour control systems for rendering plants small and large.
  • Effluent lines, clean in place chemical lines and other pipelines for corrosive fluids.

Anchor Products Lichfield, Putaruru. New Zealand.Fertiliser Industries

Acidulation of phosphate rock in the Fertiliser Industry produces an extremely corrosive gas stream. Fibreglass piping, ducting, fans and stacks provide the ideal solution in these extreme circumstances.

In this industry, as in many others, the Government’s air emission policies come into sharp focus. Maskell Fume Scrubbers solve the problems - often exceeding the legislative requirements.

metalurgicalMetallurgical Industries

Maskell has played a major role in supplying equipment for a spectrum of applications within New Zealand’s steel and metallurgical industries. These include pickling, tank sand ventilation systems for paint pre-treatment and plating operations, chemical storage tanks and lining of dipping tanks.

Anchor Products Lichfield, Putaruru. New Zealand.Power Generation Industry

The corrosion resistance of fibreglass has resulted in extensive use in geothermal, hydro-electric and gas power stations. Saline cooling water and wet gas streams containing hydrogen sulphide at temperatures up to 130°C are corrosive to many materials but GRP offers longevity and strength in these applications.

santa rita power plant3Subsea cooling water intakes and outfall pipelines and diffusers are also manufactured from GRP which offers longevity in the salt water environment. “Maskell have completed circulating and cooling water pipe projects as far a field as Kenya and The Philippines in diameters ranging from DN100-DN2800.”

Petro-Chemical/Petroleum Industry

Fibreglass products are used in the petro-chemical industry from the refining process through to the downstream retail fuel sector. In refineries GRP find uses for fire water mains, process and cooling water piping and odour control equipment.

Subsea crude oil pipelines use GRP in providing insulation jackets to protect pipeline anodes.
In the retail fuel industry Maskell manufacture fibreglass underground fuel storage tanks for the containment of automotive and aviation fuels, diesel and oil.

envirotank2These tanks have been proven through continuous service for over 30 years in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, preventing the environmental problems associated with leakages of fuel from corroded steel tanks.