FRP Ducting... Proven longevity, smooth internal surface and reduced long term fouling.

From highly corrosive fume origins to their ultimate dispersal, Maskell Productions have designed and built the equipment capable of handling, moving, cleaning and dispersing them.

Maskell have 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of fibreglass ducting systems and associated equipment. Maskell produce a complete range of ducting, bends, tees, flanges, reducers, dampers, and other accessories fabricated in corrosion resistant glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

Maskell design duct systems for specific projects with consideration of pressure, span and external load requirements. A range of resin systems and manufacturing processes are used to optimise the duct system for the application, from mild waste air duct work to aggressive chemical duct handling caustic or sulphuric acid systems and elevated temperature service.


Advantages of GRP Ducting
Fibreglass duct offers several advantages over traditional materials including:

  • Installation of lightweight duct in 10-20m lengths offers lower handling and cranage costs.

  • Smooth internal surface and reduced long term fouling offers lower fan power costs and enables reduced duct diameters. We suggest review at the design stage of the blower requirements for smooth bore duct with reduced lifetime fouling.

  • Reduced whole of life cost on the duct due to savings in maintenance and fan power costs.

  • Use of butt-strap site laminated joints means no leaks and a 100% leak test of the duct system is practical. However clients may request flexible couplings which are also offered, as necessary.

  • Proven longevity of fibreglass duct including use for acidic, alkaline and waste gas streams.

  • Installation with sand or aggregate bedding for buried ducting to suit locally available material.

Fibreglass Duct Specification

Fibreglass (GRP) ductwork supplied by Maskell Productions is fabricated to meet customer design requirements. Maskell can manufacture any size or shape FRP Duct, fitting or accessory that your process may require.

All equipment is manufactured in house, giving the ability to construct standard and special fitting shapes, sizes and transitions. All ductwork is manufactured to meet or exceed the Australian Standard AS2634.

Round Ducting

Ducts are filament wound or laminated CSM construction to meet the design requirements. Design is to ensure adequate strength under the specified design pressure, support spans and external loads. Duct is internal diameter series and is molded to give an accurate, smooth internal surface. Available in custom lengths or standard 10 and 20 metre lengths.

Internal / External Finish

All external ductwork is finished with a UV resistant gelcoat. Duct is suitable for above ground service in an open environment on site. All ductwork is to have a molded internal surface finish for maximum chemical resistance.

This also ensures minimum duct head loss in the system and resistance to algal growth and fouling of the ductwork. Note that no further coatings or corrosion protection are required on fibreglass duct. The external gelcoat should provide 25 years service before recoating is required.

Resin Systems

Ducting is manufactured from a resin system suitable for continuous service for the design temperature and chemical environment. Resin systems used include isophthalic and vinylester resins. Refer chemical resistance guides for resin selection.