Fibregrate... A one-piece moulded fibreglass reinforced plastic grating.

fibregrate Fibregrate grating is manufactured from resin and continuous fibreglass. It can not rust, never needs painting, resists chemical corrosion and is virtually maintenance free.

Maskell manufacture and supply a complete range of fibreglass (FRP/GRP) moulded grating for longevity and corrosion resistance in industrial applications Fibregrate Grating is available in a full range of types of thickness to suit client applications.

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fibregrate5 smlWhat is FIBRAGATE Grating?

Fibregrate grating is a one-piece moulded fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating. It is principally used for floors, platforms, stairs, ramps, catwalks and covers.

Fibregrate grating is manufactured from resin and continuous fibreglass. It can not rust, never needs painting and resists chemical corrosion.

Fibregrate grating is made with an integral anti-slip and draw. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is virtually maintenance free . Fibregrate's interwoven construction gives it tremendous strength.

fibregrate3 smlAlso, the interweaving procedure of cross bars with bearing bars serves to transfer part of load to other portions of the panel. This load carrying capability coupled with its other features, assures you of the finest quality grating on the market today.

How is FIBRAGATE made?

  1. Smooth resin rich surface and taper bars provide self-cleaning.

  2. A concave cross-section formed in the moulding process on the working surface of each bar, provides an anti-slip feature. A grit-top surface is also available.

  3. Combining a carefully engineered polyester resin with completely wetted continuous glass fibres, Fibregrate grating assures the user maximum corrosion resistance.

  4. Load applied to a Fibregrate grating bar is transferred to adjoining cross bars and bearing bars, thereby assisting in load distribution on the grating as well as on the support structure.

  5. Integral construction distributes loads to both span bars and cross bars.

fibregrate2 smlCorrosion Resistance of Fibregrate grating over a wide PH range (both acidic and caustic) is achieved by use of the premium grade resin systems.  Whether the grating is exposed to continuous submersion, splash, fumes or gases, you can be assured that Fibregrate FRP grating will out perform metallic grating (refer also Chemical Resistance Guide).

Fire Resistance with a Class 1 flame spread rating of 25 or less, Fibregrate grating has been tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test Method.

Impact Resistance of Fibregrate grating allows repeated deflection of the grating without permanent deformation.  Once the object is removed, it will fully recover to its original position unlike metallic grating which will deform and require replacement.

fibregrate4 smlSlip Resistance feature of Fibregrate grating is created during the moulding process by the formation of a concave cross-section on the working surface of each bar.  A grit surface is also available.

Non-Conductive properties make Fibregrate grating ideally suited for work platforms, flooring and fencing in electrically hazardous locations acting as an insulator.

Non-Magnetic properties allow Fibregrate grating to be used in sensitive installation where the inherent magnetic properties of metallic grating are not desirable.

Non-Sparking Fibregrate grating is ideally suited for those installations where combustible gases may be present and which may explode or cause a fire from sparks produced by the accidental dropping of tools onto the grating.

fibregrate6 smlMaintenance Free from painting and/or coating of Fibregrate grating is achieved, not only by the inherent corrosion/rust resistance, but also by the moulded in colour and ultra-violet resistance.

Light Weight Fibregrate grating reduces installation and fabrication costs.  Two men without the need of hoists, pulley or dollies can easily handle a full panel.  No cumbersome cutting or welded torches are required.