Fibreglass Underground Tanks by Envirotank New Zealand are 100% Corrosion Proof

pump station Underground storage tanks from 1000 to 110,000 litres that simply cannot rust - Inside or Out


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Maskell have successfully supplied over 3,000 fibreglass underground storage tanks in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The tanks are manufactured under license to Containment Solutions Inc, formerly Owens Corning Tanks, who have manufactured in excess of 250,000 tanks in the United States, dating back to 1964.

The tank technology is licensed worldwide, with manufacturers in over ten countries. Tanks are used for safe containment of wastewater, petroleum products, potable water and industrial chemicals where longevity and the prevention of ground contamination are paramount.

ust1 sml Maskell manufacture standard, underground tanks from 1,000L to 110,000L and project specific tanks / pipe systems in greater capacities. Capacities for pipe configurations to 5m diameter, limited only by site size.

Above ground storage tanks and bolted panel tanks are also manufactured for wastewater storage where burial is not suitable.

Multiple tank configurations are also used to reduce cleaning requirements in small pump station overflows through serial high/low connection of several tanks.

Fibreglass manholes and sumps are factory made in all fibreglass construction ready to be placed directly into the ground. The units are factory assembled, with inlets and outlets where possible. All factory joints are totally leak proof. Groundwater infiltration is not possible.

manhole1 smlMcBern Pump Station Hatches

Maskell and Envirotank are pleased to be able to offer McBerns aluminium pump station safety lids.

The hatches can be factory fitted to our pump stations and detention tanks and are available in a range of sizes to suit Maskell Envirotank pump stations from 1.8m to 4m diameters.

McBerns has designed the lids with safety and odour reduction in mind. They provide safe access for cleaning and inspecting wetwells and tanks. The lids feature anti-theft, non-slip coating, and rubber sealing and concealed lock boxes with greased locking S/S pins.

They have been designed to reduce trip hazards, and also include pump-out flaps in a safety grate and a gas sampling port for odour logging before a the lid is opened. The safety grate also folds up to provide a safety handrail to prevent falls.