Pasminco Pty Limited, Tasmania, Australia

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Pasminco Scrubbing SystemAgainst international competition Maskell Productions won a contract to design and supply a scrubbing system to strip sulphur dioxide from the tail gas fumes from a smelting operation.

Pasminco is a company based in Tasmania who had to replace their existing wooden scrubber units (about 30 years old). The scrubbers used high volumes of saltwater as the absorption fluid in a once through operation. Our scope was to design the system given the required parameters and provide the packing to a depth capable of cleaning the contaminated gasses.

As well as our own in house design team, international consultants were used to solve this problem, and a detailed design package was supplied to the customer. The scrubbers’ bodies were built in Australia, and the packing was delivered to site for installation. Three towers were built and two would be in operation at anyone time, except for upset conditions.